High pressure pool maintenance cleaning can damage grout, stone, and dislodge tiles. Our process is done with low pressure media blasting.



We specialize in removing those stubborn Calcium deposits most pool owners in Southern California struggle with and our equipment can safely remove those stains.



Our specialized equipment can safely remove those stains quickly and effectively, and your pool tile can look bright and clean, almost like new again.



Get Your Pool Clean With San Diego Pool Tile Cleaning

Renew Your Pool With Pool Tile Cleaning

We specialize in removing those stubborn Calcium deposits most pool owners in Southern California struggle with. Our specialized equipment can safely remove those stains quickly and effectively, and your pool tile can look bright and clean, almost like new again.

Your tile gets Calcium from basically two sources.

It will bleed through the grout from the underlying surface, if that surface was not properly sealed before the tile was installed. These are the areas where the Calcium appears to be dripping out of the grout lines. These areas can be treated, but unfortunately the reoccurrence can’t be stopped. These areas will require periodic treatment to keep these areas clean.
It can also accumulate at the waterline if the PH (acid level) of the pool water is allowed to be too high for too long. This is that white line that is present at the waterline. This can also be easily cleaned, and they can be kept in check with proper PH balance.

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Full Service Cleaning & Repair

The water is drained just below the waterline tile. The tile will be cleaned with the appropriate media. There are several different media types and they all have their application. Be wary of a pool cleaning company that claims their procedure is better than their competitors; there is no “best” way. Each type of media has its application, and we will use the type of media that will render the best results safely, for your surface


Joshua M.

San Diego Pool Tile Cleaning was amazing. I had a quote within minutes and they fit me in when another company said they couldn't make it until July! They also didn't recommend draining my pool completely to take 3 full days to get the job done!

Roark answered immediately and gave me a preliminary quote on the spot. After getting some more details the final quote came in a few hours later. They fit me into the schedule later that week and they were on time and got the job done on time and within the estimate. The work they did was fantastic and they saved my waterline tile and got it looking like new. I am glad I gave them a call they were extremely professional and didn't leave any trace they were even there! They even went the extra mile when they couldn't find the sewer cover.

I highly recommend!

Joshua M.

Dal Mar, CA

Jonn D.

San Diego Pool Tile Cleaning did a great job removing the calcium lines from my pool tile and they charged half the price that other companies quoted.  Roark is very professional and will get the job done right. Highly recommended!

Jonn D.

La Mesa, CA

Dan F.

They did a good job....professional....showed up on time....did a good job of removing 95% of the Calcium buildup.....and cleaned up all the mess.   The actual person who did the work seemed to care about the details and really getting the calcium off.   He was here setting up and doing the work for about 7 it ended up being about $100 an hour....but the end result was worth it.    The ONLY gripe I would have is that he used a Salt material to remove the calcium....and because of this it immeditaly burned and killed most of the plants next to the pool.  Cost me about $100 and 3 hours of my own labor to replace them.   So.....when you are talking with them BEFORE they start make sure they are covering up any plants that will absolutely be burned bad or killed with the salt.  I made the mistake of not bringing it up before they started....I'm usually more lesson learned.   I would use them again for sure....but I'll make sure the guy is paying attention not to kill or burn the plants.

Dan F.

San Marcos, CA

Tony B.

Just had our pool tile cleaned after 18 years, Roark and his crew came and did an excellent job. The pool tile looks like new again! They got of years of calcium deposits and dirt off all the tiles. They were very professional and I  highly recommend them to anyone who wants their pool tiles cleaned.

Tony B.

Vista, CA

Jacque M.

I can't say enough good things about this company.  Their service is top notch.  The pool looked so unsightly with all the white calcium build up.  Roark and his team quickly removed all the calcium scale within a day.  We were extremely pleased with the final results.  The pool looks brand new again.  I highly recommend this company.

This was the best thing we have done for our pool in ten years!  Roark removed scale and yuck from our pool tile in just hours and sealed the tile to keep it off. Worth far more than we paid.  The pool looks brand new.
We had Mission Pools do the same cleaning after the fire several years ago but the results were very disappointing.  We thought we were stuck with an ugly pool.  Roark's work made it look like a new pool!  Roark is a volunteer fireman so in addition to being a great company, well worth supporting!!

Jacque M.

El Cajon, CA


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