Renew Your Pool With Pool Tile Cleaning
High pressure pool maintenance cleaning can damage grout, stone, and dislodge tiles. Our process is done with low pressure media blasting. We will use the appropriate media based on the surface composition in your pool. This will protect your pool’s surface from damage, and will yield fantastic results.

We specialize in removing those stubborn Calcium deposits most pool owners in Southern California struggle with.

Our specialized equipment can safely remove those stains quickly and effectively, and your pool tile can look bright and clean, almost like new again.


Professional Tile Cleaning San Diego
Over time, calcium deposits can build up making your swimming pool tile look dull and unsightly. Furthermore, scale build up can begin to permanently damage pool tile if left untreated.

Our team of professional swimming pool tile cleaning technicians can help you restore your pool tile to its original color and sparkle. Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, our pool service professionals will remove years of calcium build up giving your pool tile a fresh new look.

Once we’re finished with your pool tile cleaning, we’ll help instruct you on methods to prevent build up on your pool tile in the future.

When it comes to professional swimming pool tile cleaning service in San Diego, there’s only one name you can trust; San Diego Pool Tile Cleaning